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It was just an ordinary afternoon of racing around and running errands before picking up my daughter from school, but in the midst of the mundane there was a powerful moment that profoundly spoke to my heart.

As I stood in the grocery store checkout line, I will be honest I was a little frustrated at how long it was taking. However, never wanting to waste a moment, I immediately busied myself with scanning my groceries to make sure nothing was missed and then I quickly began looking over my to-do list to see what else could be checked off in the next hour. I was completely engrossed in my own thoughts until a rather loud conversation erupted right behind me. An older gentlemen came up with two items in his hand, but stepped aside to let the older lady behind him take his spot. She quickly told him that since he only had two items he should go first, but he assured her that he didn’t need to go first. He went on to say that he had absolutely nothing to go home for and no one waiting for him. She then went on to tell him that she understood because she had lost her husband a year ago. They continued to talk as it became my turn to check-out. I found myself wanting to turn around and express my sympathy for both of them, but didn’t want to interrupt their moment. An honest moment. A real-life moment. A moment that I could not let go of.

I walked out of the grocery store pondering their lives and how lonely they must often feel. I couldn’t help but feel their sadness as they related to one another. I thought of my sweet family that is always there at home with me, and my heart overflowed with love and thankfulness for them. And I began to wonder if in all of the craziness of rushing around trying to get everything done each day, am I loving them well? Am I appreciating their sweet faces every day that we are blessed to be together? Do I savor the moments we have together?

Life is funny how it tricks us into thinking it is forever, but in reality it is fleeting. It feels like just yesterday I was a little girl riding my bike after school, and somehow I blinked and now I am in my 40s. And as life keeps marching on, I am even more determined to keep dreaming, keep living, and keep loving with everything inside of me.

It has been a few weeks since the grocery store encounter, but I have not forgotten the reminder that it impressed upon my heart. A reminder that I’ve only got one shot at this thing called life. I don’t want to be so busy rushing around or looking ahead that I miss the people and even the grocery store moments right in front of me. I want to choose to LIVE fully, to LOVE completely, and to EMBRACE every moment that I am given- the mundane moments, the grandiose moments and everything in between, for every moment matters and is an opportunity to cherish those around us and to make a difference with our lives!



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     Last summer, my family and I had one last hurrah before school started by taking a short getaway to the beach. Our daughter, Emma, had informed us that in all of her seven years of living she had only been to the beach one time for a few hours. I know what you’re thinking–major parent fail!

Just between you and me, I must admit that I am not a die-hard beach girl. While I love the idea of the beach–the crashing waves, the breeze, the warm sun, the laid-back, fun atmosphere, etc.–the reality of the massive amounts of sand found for days to follow forces me to grin and bear it as the sand covers our bodies, our towels, our bags, and even our car. On the other hand, my husband, Robb, loves it all. Still, he can get his entire beach experience filled in just two short hours, and then he is ready to move on. However, as any dutiful parents would, we laid all of our reservations aside and embarked on this two-day beach adventure filled with big plans for all kinds of fun for our daughter.

As we drove through torrential rain to get there, I studied the impending forecast only to find two straight days of rain and thunderstorms ahead of us. My mind began to race with “plan B” options. But when the beach is what your seven-year-old has been dreaming of and thinking about for weeks, there is no plan B. Rain or shine, stormy or serene, there was no turning back. The beach would be our destiny for the next two days.

Since we we were practically driving through a monsoon to get there, we decided to take our time and grab some lunch and also stop for some beach essentials. You know, the boogie board, the token pail and shovel that you pay ten dollars for (all the while kicking yourself for not grabbing the stack of them at home), bottled waters, and all the infamous beach snacks that you can’t live without.

We finally arrived at the much-anticipated resort during the late afternoon, which gave us time to get settled in and scout out the beach that we would be calling home for the next two days. After dinner and ice cream, we nestled in our beds with visions of surfboards and sand castles all dancing in our heads.

Hours later, we awoke to an 80 percent chance of rain forecast and mostly cloudy skies at best. “That’s okay,” we cheered. We were at the beach, and we were going to make the most of it. We packed our beach bag, donned our bathing suits, slathered ourselves up with sunscreen, and we were on our way with an optimistic skip in our step.

Upon arrival, we happily set up camp, rented chairs and an umbrella, and officially made our beach debut. Robb and Emma jumped the waves as I cheered them on. We searched for crabs and starfish, made sand castles, and, in the midst of all of our beach fun, failed to notice the dark clouds rolling in until they were right upon us.

As the threatening clouds grew darker and the rain began to descend, I couldn’t help but notice three very distinct reactions from our fellow beachgoers. First, there were those who panicked and quickly scurried to gather all of their carefully laid out beach accessories and ran as fast as they could indoors, away from the storm–their high hopes and dreams of a perfect beach day shattered by the fierceness of the wind and rain.

Then, there were those like me who hunkered down under the umbrella all the while hoping and praying the storm would quickly pass by, yet disappointed by the interruption it caused to their plans.

Lastly, there was Robb and Emma. They chose not to let the storm affect their dreams for the day. They ran, chased the waves, and danced in the rain, making the most of every moment despite the less than ideal circumstances.

As I listened to my family’s laughter and watched them chase each other into the ocean, I couldn’t help but wonder if this whole beach experience was a picture of how it is in our lives when the unexpected storms come along. We all have such high hopes and dreams for how we want things to be. We make meticulous plans for our dreams, yet sometimes storms come along and threaten to hijack everything.

It is in those disappointing moments that we can choose how we will perceive and react to the storm. We can panic and immediately give up on our most cherished dreams–seeing the storm as a permanent and invincible foe in our lives. We can hunker down and wait for the storm to pass, fixating on the disruption to our plans. Or we can see the storm as a passing inconvenience but not a dream destroyer. We can choose to keep living, to keep dancing, and to make the most of every minute of this adventure called life.

The choice is really up to us. It’s all about perspective, and it’s all about trust. So, if you will excuse me while I leave my umbrella, I’ve got some dancing in the rain to catch up on.

~Taken from Dare to Soar, pages 99-102.


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PD_bookcoverLife is all about moments. Mundane moments. Mountain-top moments. Moments that make us laugh and cry and moments that take our breath away. And the moments when our lives collide with Godʼs divine plan to use us in ways we never dreamed possible are moments that we can only stand in awe of Him. Today was all of the above moments for me as Dare to Soar– the story of Godʼs faithfulness in my life- arrived at my house. Eighty-six boxes filled with books of a story that just six months ago was not even written! But that is what God is all about: showing up and writing our story on the pages of our life. When we will allow Him to use ALL of our story, He will use everything for His glory and His kingdom.

Dare to Soar is a testament of Godʼs faithfulness in my life, but itʼs not just about my story- itʼs also about YOURS! All of us have a story, and it is what we do with our stories that takes us beyond just surviving life to thriving and living far beyond the dreams we ever thought possible. When our stories, our purposes, and our passions intertwine with the dreams of our heart, we truly live the life we were meant to live. Itʼs a life that goes beyond ourselves, a life that makes a difference.

So as I open up the boxes and get ready to open my heart to the world, I am excited, nervous, and beyond grateful for this opportunity to share what God has done in my life! My prayer for Dare to Soar is that it will inspire and challenge others to rise above their greatest obstacles and find courage to live beyond their wildest dreams. No more holding back! It’s time to let go of the limitations!  It’s time to SOAR!

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