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PD_bookcoverLife is all about moments. Mundane moments. Mountain-top moments. Moments that make us laugh and cry and moments that take our breath away. And the moments when our lives collide with Godʼs divine plan to use us in ways we never dreamed possible are moments that we can only stand in awe of Him. Today was all of the above moments for me as Dare to Soar– the story of Godʼs faithfulness in my life- arrived at my house. Eighty-six boxes filled with books of a story that just six months ago was not even written! But that is what God is all about: showing up and writing our story on the pages of our life. When we will allow Him to use ALL of our story, He will use everything for His glory and His kingdom.

Dare to Soar is a testament of Godʼs faithfulness in my life, but itʼs not just about my story- itʼs also about YOURS! All of us have a story, and it is what we do with our stories that takes us beyond just surviving life to thriving and living far beyond the dreams we ever thought possible. When our stories, our purposes, and our passions intertwine with the dreams of our heart, we truly live the life we were meant to live. Itʼs a life that goes beyond ourselves, a life that makes a difference.

So as I open up the boxes and get ready to open my heart to the world, I am excited, nervous, and beyond grateful for this opportunity to share what God has done in my life! My prayer for Dare to Soar is that it will inspire and challenge others to rise above their greatest obstacles and find courage to live beyond their wildest dreams. No more holding back! It’s time to let go of the limitations!  It’s time to SOAR!

  • Judy howell - I have followed you since you were 15 years old first time I heard you sing was a concert in old town back in the 80’s we have had you at our chuch back in the 90s I alexander me can’t wait to read your book. How do we get it. God Bless you in your ministry and your family. Judy HoweReplyCancel

    • pauladunn - Judy: I am so sorry that I am just now seeing this message. Thank you for your support of my ministry throughout the years. That means so much to me. You can order my book through my website- Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. Blessings to you! Paula DunnReplyCancel