Paula is a highly energetic and motivational singer and speaker who communicates from the depths of her soul and touches the hearts of those around her. For the past 10 years, in addition to concerts, Paula has been a sought after speaker at women's retreats, conferences, and banquets. With her unique story and her Master's degree in counseling, Paula has been able to incorporate counseling, Biblical, and life-experience principles to address women's issues of all ages. Paula has a real love and passion for ministering to women and states that with all the craziness and busyness of life, it is crucial for women to take time out to rejuvenate and renew their hearts, their minds, and their relationships. 

Let’s face it, life can be hard sometimes and before long we can even find ourselves going through the motions of just existing and surviving our circumstances. But God wants so much more for each of us. He doesn’t want us just to survive life. He wants us to thrive and to experience the abundant life that He talks about in John 10:10. This kind of living can only happen when we know our purpose, when we rise above our circumstances, and when we seek God’s face and surrender our lives to HIm each day. This and so much more is presented in this seminar as Paula discusses practical ways to thrive and experience God’s presence in today’s culture.

THE TIME IS NOW // What if we made this verse our life motto? What if every time we looked at our watches we recognized that every hour is truly a gift from God that we will never have again? Would we live with a greater sense of urgency? The Time is Now compels women to examine their purpose, priorities, plan, and passion. It is a call to a life of intention and surrender which beckons us to live each day with the end in mind while making every moment count for eternity. 

DARE TO DREAM // This is a great conference or weekend seminar that explores the role of a dream, the cost of a dream, obstacles to our dreams, and steps to turn our dreams into reality. This is a favorite by many women, for it is a highly practical and motivational message for women of all ages and all stages in life. 

THE SECRET OF JOY // Life is all about choices. We can choose to live in defeat or we can choose to rise above our circumstances and even use what we have been through for good. This is another practical and motivational message for women as it looks at the role of dreams, faith, and attitude in relation to rising above the obstacles that hold us back in order to experience the abundant life that God has for us. Paula loves to cheer women on to Choose Joy!

TELLING OURSELVES THE TRUTH // This seminar delineates the lies that women tell themselves which lead to low self-esteem, depression, people-pleasing, guilt, and defeat. In this teaching, Paula combines Biblical and counseling principles to help teach ladies how to recognize, replace, and repeat their way to a healthier view of themselves, others, and the world around them. 

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED // The road less traveled beckons us to deeper intimacy with God. It is a call to excellence, integrity, passion, and surrender in a day and age where conviction and principles can be hard to find. It is defined as walking worthy and involves living with intention and a Kingdom mindset each and every day. 

MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUETS // Paula celebrates the mother-daughter relationship and motivates ladies to make every moment count with their loved ones. This seminar brings laughter and tears and is great for audiences of all ages. 

CHRISTMAS TEA OUTREACH // Paula celebrates the season with Christmas music, her testimony, and an emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas. This is a great outreach for ladies to bring family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to hear the Gospel in a non-threatening yet powerful way. 

LADIES NIGHT OUT CONCERT // This is a great opportunity for ladies to bring their family and friends for a fun ladies night out as Paula will be using music and her testimony to share God's love in a powerful way. Because of Paula's life experiences, the impact of what she shares leaves no heart untouched.