Faith to Believe

March 10, 2016


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Have you ever wondered what the future looks like, where you will be in five, ten, or twenty years? If only we had a sneak peek of the motion picture of our lives. How much better we would be at making decisions if we knew where they all led? Unfortunately, there are no such films, […]

Grace For Today

February 27, 2016

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  We all have moments. Moments that we dread. Moments that we fear. Moments that we know are inevitable. For me, one such moment recently took place but to my surprise the moment I dreaded the most became a beautiful moment where God showed up and surrounded me with His tender love and the strength […]

All Things New

January 7, 2016

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Out with the old and in with the new! A fun motto that is cheerfully chanted while ringing in the New Year but a motto that ignites within me a cleaning out frenzy like no other. Closets, drawers, storage rooms—they are all on my hit list. But I must say, it’s a love/hate relationship I have […]

Christmas Love, Joy, & Peace

December 17, 2015

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Merry Christmas, my fellow December warriors! Yes, we are indeed warriors because the holiday season is not for the faint of heart—it takes a brave warrior to drag out the dust-filled boxes from storage and thoroughly transform our homes into a Christmas wonderland all the while trying desperately not to get cranky when the brand […]

Love’s Not a Song

November 19, 2015

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Since I know I am among friends, I will tell you a little secret about me that you may or may not know—I am a hopeless romantic. There’s something about a beautiful love story, a song, a tribute, and, oh my goodness, a wedding that brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my […]